Talent is found in their story- which should be the story you want to create








The people we employ at any point in time are reflection of our critical need at the time. If that time was full of uncertainty, hesitance, rush, unguarded measure of what we want, we get talent that shows ALL of that. No wonder that after while that talent treats you the same.

If you want people who are committed to your cause, value, company or idea or that vacancy you want filled, begin to ask: what do I want this relationship to look like in 10 years, 20, 50 years from? What impact do I seek from this? When you do that, and have that lens on, you will in most cases be successful in assessing whoever sits on that chair looking for that job, partnership and sustainable relationship. The funny thing is that what you want is found in their story. So, look for their story, because story sells, and a great story impacts for the long term.

So, what story are you after?

Written by: Benjamin Yaw Manu

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