Month: February 2015

The little thing Best Western Hotel did that saved me. Your customers are after the little things

I woke up this morning at Takoradi branch of the Best Western Hotel looking for my tooth paste to catch up with a workshop that was about starting. I [...]

What ‘John Q’ teaches you about the sweet risks you should take

In John Q, Denzel Washington played a father who took advantage of every conceivable and inconceivable risk to save the life of his son who was battling [...]

To become excellent at customer service learn how to act

All the smiles, friendly care and handshakes we enjoy from you have been repeatedly orchestrated by you to keep your job relevant. So, when I am happy with [...]

Your story is currency. So, send it to the forex

I have a simply question for you. Do you know why you got into that company, group, relationship or sport with other partner? If it were not your or their [...]

Life is all improvisation. Actors earn their keep doing this. Funny enough, you improvise too

To be a good dad, and a first one at that, you have to learn quickly and fast to give your family that cover they need. Sales, customer service [...]

What is your ”spine”? Know your ”spine” because it keeps you alive

What holds a book together is its spine.  The strength of an actor is the strong character they project. Without that strong character showing, there is [...]

New Oxford research says, the market is looking for Chief Emotional Officers not Chief Executive Officers, Really?

It’s now ever clearer: If you want to get to the top of your industry, master your ability to understand what we feel and solve our challenges. Save [...]