What is your ”spine”? Know your ”spine” because it keeps you alive

book spine

What holds a book together is its spine.  The strength of an actor is the strong character they project. Without that strong character showing, there is no actor. The human spine cord together with the brain makes up the central nervous system. So, it is that sensitive to your life.

Without the human spine, there is little we can do. However, I realised, sadly, so, that we do not bring that (spine) into the careers, ideas, enterprises we keep and pursue. We pursue the fluff and fringes of what we want. A human they say becomes‘vegetable’ when he/she cannot move and we recognise that that movement is controlled by the spine.

Please bring your spine to your work, and into our world.

Question, do you know your spine though? It should be that which keeps telling you that you’re not following your calling. As a company when your employees begin to question what your objective/aim or target is, know that your spine is disappearing. Your spine brought you to the market in the first place-assuming it did.

Human beings are alive with their spine. Actors become the ones we follow because of the charactersthey portray.

So, to stay alive and meaningful to society know your spine and keep it healthy.

Written by: Benjamin Yaw Manu

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