Life is all improvisation. Actors earn their keep doing this. Funny enough, you improvise too


To be a good dad, and a first one at that, you have to learn quickly and fast to give your family that cover they need. Sales, customer service persons, new CEOs learn on their roles at the first, and more after that. They do so by improvisingplaying those roles. They never stop improvising.

Tell me the job you do- and let us know if you never improvise. If not, you have been that good straight from your mother’s womb.

My plea to you is do not stop yourself from learning and improvising. In fact that keeps you on that job or responsibility to your family and society.

To learn how to improvise well to make you relevant to the market, actors suggest the following:

  • Always be ready with your art, work, and capacity
  • Never stop learning. The world is too vast to know all things, even in your field of work
  • Listen more
  • Practice and practice more
  • Allow failure even, and learn from it
  • Make people first in your work

Let’s know your way of improvising to be the best in your work/project/enterprise…

Written by: Benjamin Yaw Manu

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