The little thing Best Western Hotel did that saved me. Your customers are after the little things

little things

I woke up this morning at Takoradi branch of the Best Western Hotel looking for my tooth paste to catch up with a workshop that was about starting. I searched everywhere but never found the tooth paste. Then I remembered my eldest daughter ‘played’ with my bag pack before I took off from Accra.

So, what did I do? I called a colleague’s room- requesting for a tooth paste. I was told by my colleague to expect it in few minutes. I waited more that. Just as I reached the phone to check with my colleague once more, I received a soft knock on my door. ‘Housekeeping’, says the voice. I opened the door, only to find a petite young lady in a white apparel handing out a wrapped white cover; twice the size a thick pencil, and she said ‘I was told to bring this’. At this point I could not open my mouth- because you can imagine what might come out of that mouth next after a long night sleep. I muffled thanks, thinking my colleague had given me a beautiful wrap with a paste. I ripped open the paper cover only to find a tiny A.ME branded menthol peppermint tooth paste, and to my surprise: fresh new tooth brush from the hotel! You can just share in my surprise!

Best Western Hotel in Takoradi is more than a beautiful place. I will always recommend it. But what I will always remember that hotel for is the toothpaste and a new tooth brush that broke loose my knees.

Your customers could pay the big or small charges for your services and products, but the stuff that leaves a memorable story in them are the little things you could, and can do which may not necessarily be part of the services and products you provide.

Invest in the little things for your customers to create the story you want them to share with others. Your story matters-in the little things.

Written by: Benjamin Yaw Manu

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