What the film ‘Selma’ teach us about the change we want in our lives and for the corporate marketplace


Nobody in Dr. King’s company at that time could ever envisage the quickest passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in America. It could never have come through in their wildest imagination, though they had hope. But it did, because they stood up for the right to be done.

What looks impossible for you or your team now? This February Selma won Oscar for the best original song. Awards do not matter always.  What is important are the lessons Selma presents us in our time. So, here the few lessons I want to share with you about this film. We welcome yours as well.

  1. Changes happens when you act (italics mine)
  2. Nobody will do it for you, but you. Selma was turned down by many studios, and directors. But it took a female director, Ava Duvernay , Oprah, and the actor who played Dr. Martin Luther King, David Oyewolo   to bring Selma to the world.
  3. Your reforms are no reforms if the problem is not tackled. Do not deceive yourself and your people, employees or products
  4. Have a clear strategic intention of what you want in life, for the company, and go after that. Without an unadulterated intention you are lost.
  5. Selma is about civil rights that cost lives with danger and blood. Guess what, the change you want asks for the same amount of price. Are you willing to pay the price for the change you want?
  6. History is now. When things are unclear to you, go back to view what happened some time before. It will give you some guidance.
  7. Never give up on what you started. We know it is usually difficult. The joy is in trying to do the impossible, even if there is something call ‘impossible’
  8. Sometimes your freedom: the thing you very much wanted has be birthed by someone at a price. By extension the change you want could be someone’s window of freedom in the future. You have access to what the modern world can give you now, because someone sacrificed to bring them to you. Do the same for us.

I leave you with some of the lyrics of Glory- the best original song from Selma. Or better still watch the music video

Written by: Benjamin Yaw Manu

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