5 lessons we learnt working with clients; you might want to know

We took an ambitious chance to bring the world of African theatre to the door step of the corporate environment in 2011 and we want to tell you that we failed! We failed because we did not know then how to connect to the market. That connection lay in the bosom of the reflecting what happened at the work place. So our founders took a painful turn of getting industry experience to understand the pulse and needs of the corporate world, and with historical years of theatre experience under their belt, the story changed. That changed how we observed, inquired, analysed and represented behaviours that influenced behaviour and practise at the work place and what was needed to bring about change. So inact was born. Inact was created by Hyville to improve the workforce productivity through theatre. So we went to work, starting with profitable assignments with leading institutions in Ghana. And we want you to be part of the story. So, here are a few lessons we picked from your colleagues in the industry:

  1. We are what people see about us
  2. We have power to cause change. That power is in each of us, and not from anyone outside
  3. Until we have a team, there is no ‘me’
  4. Customers are not interested in you but the service you provide. Make the service top priority and they will like you
  5. Your business grows because your staff cares. Until you care for them, your business will cease to grow


Written by: Benjamin Yaw Manu

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